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The impact of weather in a high renewables power system – March 2021

We are pleased to present our new strategic insight report ‘The impact of weather in a high renewables power system’. The report presents an overview of the impact of weather on the German power market until 2050 and was first presented during a Group Meeting in February 2021 .

The weather-dependence of the future power generation and demand poses crucial questions for security of supply. which is particularly relevant following the events surrounding February’s extreme weather in Texas. Our strategic insights report focuses on the increasing share of renewables and electrification of the heating sector in the German Power Market and the related potential impacts from weather – affecting power prices, and revenues for thermal and renewable power plants.

This report analyses:

  • the amount of dispatchable capacity required to cover power supply even in extreme weather years (kalte Dunkelflaute)
  • which technologies and financing options are the most pragmatic choices for rarely used capacities
  • and the prerequisites for the Energy-only Market to function and provide these capacities

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