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Quantify the value of your wind project in minutes

Amun is the advanced geospatial tool for site-specific price, revenue, and economic curtailment forecasts

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Amun empowers you to value your wind assets

Automated & bespoke

Obtain site-specific capture prices and revenues with no need to commission work

Instant results

Instant results in line with our trusted and bankable market scenarios

Unlimited access

Analyse any number of sites, technologies, and scenarios under one license

Portfolio Opportunity

Quickly identify opportunities that best fit your portfolio and strategy

Free Amun Demo
How Amun works

The true value of your wind site is just a few clicks away

Step 1

Enter your site-specific data

Operational/Late Development

Upload measured or modelled wind production data or scale in-built data to known production values

Early Development

Upload measured or modelled wind speed data or scale in-built data to known wind speed values

Prospecting/Site Scan

Drop a pin on Amun’s map to access in-built data from reputable sources—MERRA-2, ERA-5, NEWA
Step 2

Choose your scenario & technology

Amun user interface simplified

Conduct robust analysis, choosing from:

  • All Aurora market scenarios
  • Multiple weather years
  • Comprehensive turbine database
  • Key technical parameters
Step 3

Generate instant results

Amun databook simplified

Access and visualise bespoke revenue, curtailment, and cannibalisation forecasts for your site and plug them straight into your financial models

Use cases

Amun, the cutting edge forecasting tool designed to meet the evolving demands of the market

Site selection

Identify sites that maximise revenue, not just output, even without measured site data

Site optimisation

Test the impact that different technology and site design has on capture prices and revenues

M&A transactions

Generate detailed site-specific price curves to input into your valuations

Debt financing

Test the debt investment case against site-specific Central and Low case price curves

Portfolio valuation

Instantly and regularly quantify the revenue profile of your entire portfolio and identify natural hedges

PPA pricing

Correctly price power accounting for your asset profile
Free Amun Demo
Wind Turbine - Aurora Energy Research

Amun provides everything you need to instantly understand the true value of location

  • Always access our latest market scenarios
  • Upload your wind data for any historical year
  • Calibrate in-built data using P50 production, Weibull, or power density
  • Access trusted reanalysed and downscaled data: ERA-5, MERRA-2, NEWA (2019)
  • Choose from 250+ turbines or upload your own
  • Browse a comprehensive database of existing wind farms and projects
  • Use API to integrate into your software

Free Demo

Try out Amun on your project

Our team are on hand to offer personal support and guidance, including an introductory walkthrough, either online or in person.

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