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Topic 2022: The Emerging Hydrogen Economy: Finding Opportunities and Maximising Value

Key topics will include:

  • Evolution of the power market, system needs and emerging technologies
  • The role of flexible assets in achieving net zero
  • Key risks and financing challenges for flexible assets
  • The economics of merchant solar co-located with battery storage systems
  • Key risks and financing challenges for flexible assets
  • Labour’s plan for power sector decarbonisation and flexibility

Developments in policy, technology and economics are driving interest in low-carbon hydrogen. Pivotally, this year has seen the gas crisis in Europe – caused by Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. The culmination of this has led to an increased focus on energy security, and on the role that electrolytic hydrogen in particular could play in substituting a portion of gas consumption. Indeed, the European Union has recently ramped up its targets for renewables deployment and hydrogen production and imports as part of its “REPowerEU” plan.

Many of Europe’s major economies have launched strategies and support for the future of hydrogen. Hundreds of projects globally have been announced with the aim of producing hydrogen at scale.

As a fuel, hydrogen offers a way to eliminate emissions from sectors of the economy that are hardest to decarbonise, as well as to provide much needed inter-seasonal storage in energy systems with high levels of variable renewable power generation.

Consequently, hydrogen is likely to be a vital piece in the Net Zero puzzle.

Designed to provide actionable insights through thought-provoking debates, the Aurora Hydrogen Conference 2022 will focus on the emerging hydrogen economy. Considering the role of hydrogen in reaching Net Zero, and the European policy and market landscape, this is an unmissable event identifying the best opportunities for hydrogen in Europe.

The Aurora Hydrogen Conference 2022 is the place to meet, network and share your views with other major players in the hydrogen space.

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Speakers 2022

Chris Stark

Chief Executive, Climate Change Committee

Ana Quelhas

Managing Director for Hydrogen, EDPR

Alexander Voigt

Co-Founder and Board Member, HH2E

Dalia Majumder-Russell

Partner (Energy), CMS

Annant Shah

Director of Strategy & Route to Market, SSE Renewables

Paro Konar

Director for Hydrogen and Industrial Carbon Capture, BEIS

Sebastian Vogel

Director Hydrogen Strategy, RWE Generation

William Mezzullo

Head of Hydrogen, Centrica Energy Markets & Trading

Thekla von Bülow

Co-Head of Advisory, Central Europe, Aurora

Henry Rushton

Director Energy Sector, ING Bank

Anise Ganbold

Head of Research, Global Energy Markets and Hydrogen, Aurora

Richard Howard

Research Director, Aurora

Dilara Caglayan

Senior Associate, Aurora

Dan Monzani

Managing Director, UK & Ireland, Aurora

Emma Woodward

Senior Associate, Aurora