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Wednesday 29 March, 2023

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Each year, our landmark events bring together international industry leaders, government officials and academics to engage in addressing the hottest energy topics.

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Wednesday, 29 March 2023

Delivering the energy transition in a fractured world: Navigating price volatility, geopolitical risk, and supply chain disruption

Tuesday 24 May, 2022
New realities: Impact of the new German 2030 climate targets and the Russian gas crisis on the renewables sector

2022 Date: Cancelled (Back in 2023)
Addressing power system flexibility through battery storage and other flexible energy technologies

Tuesday 26 April, 2022
Net Zero power by 2035? The race to deploy and integrate renewables

Taken place

Discussing the future of renewables in Germany’s low carbon economy

Taken place

The emerging hydrogen economy: finding opportunities and maximising value