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Cutting-edge power market analytics at your fingertips

Putting our power market model in your hands

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Origin Features

Cloud-based access to our
power market model

Trusted Aurora data

Our constantly updated model, used by 550+ companies globally

Simple, intuitive, user-centric

User-friendly interface with minimal training required

Highly cost-effective

Large cost savings on set up, maintenance, and licenses

Superior performance

Fast, reliable and backcast, capturing real market behaviour

Cutting-edge features

The most sophisticated market analytics available

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Origin is simple to use for anyone
Beautiful user-centric UI

A simple, intuitive experience, requiring minimal onboarding time

  • Intuitive input customisation via Inputs Editor
  • Manage, track, and group custom scenarios in the Scenario Dashboard
  • Powerful visualisations and easily downloadable findings in Origin Explorer
How does Origin work?

Building and launching your own models in Origin is a simple, intuitive four-step process

Step 1

Select a scenario

  • Choose one of the published and recognised Aurora Scenarios, or
  • Select one of your own scenarios that you’ve run and saved previously
  • Organise your scenarios into projects
Step 2

Change assumptions

  • Visualise inputs of the selected scenario
  • Edit input parameters of interest:
    • Supply
    • Demand
    • Commodities
    • Interconnectors
Step 3

Run the model

  • Launch your run in AER-ES, Aurora’s power model
  • Track progress
  • Select or unselect the automatic investment module
Step 4

Analyse your results

  • Analyse using powerful built-in visualisations
  • Compare between scenarios
  • Download detailed outputs in a preferred format
The most SOPHISTICATED price analytics

Trusted data from Europe’s largest dedicated wholesale market modelling team

Detailed modelling of renewables

Subregional granularity, subsidised and unsubsidised business models, and co-location

Weather uncertainty

Multiple weather year patterns to consistently reflect weather year uncertainty

Flexible demand

Detailed, price-responsive modelling of DSR, EVs, heat pumps, and BTM batteries

Hydrogen sector coupling

Comprehensive modelling of the hydrogen market with electrolysers, reformation, and storage technologies

Consistent balancing and ancillary markets

Integrated balancing modelling fully accounting for opportunity costs in the electricity market

Unique investments model

Iterative approach designed to capture real investment behaviour

Plant and revenue-specific discounts

Cost of capital reflecting real differences in risk/return profiles of different revenue streams and technologies

Scarcity rents included

Scarcity rents accounted for in investment decisions

Balancing revenue included

Balancing and ancillary markets revenue accounted for in investment decisions, including activation

Long-term CM contracts

CM revenue fixed at the contracted long-term level
Free Origin Demo

Free Demo

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