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A mix of in-depth conversations with key international industry leaders, policymakers and academics, exploring the hottest topics across the energy market

High profile guests

Hosted by our experts, we invite high-profile guests to share their unique perspectives on major energy issues. A new episode is released every week, so stay tuned and enjoy the podcast on your favourite platform.


Partnership Opportunities

Energy Unplugged has grown quickly into one of the top energy podcasts. We attract over 100k listeners, mainly energy sector people coming from across Europe and also from around the globe. We are delighted to receive positive feedback and lots of requests from the biggest energy players interested to join the show.

Partnering with us would offer a unique opportunity from a positioning and business development perspective.

To discuss partnership opportunities please get in touch.

Latest Episode

In this episode, we’re taking a global perspective on the energy transition having as guests two experts in the field. Our Principal Benjamin Collie is joined by Sam Arie, Head of European Utilities Equity Research at UBS and Evangelos Gazis, Project Leader and Market Lead for South Eastern Europe at Aurora.

Aurora and UBS worked together in the last few years in preparing a report on the state of the global energy transition with focus on emissions from the power sector.

Main topics of the podcast include:

  • The scale of the challenge for investing to decarbonise
  • How much capital is needed to decarbonise some of the most difficult sectors and what are the implications for the global economy
  • The levels of carbon prices that might be needed across the economy to achieve the targets
  • The progress made at COP26 and the most likely next steps to be made by COP27


Next week on Energy Unplugged we will welcome Louise Kingham, Senior Vice President for Europe and Head of Country in the UK at BP. Stay tuned!

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