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A mix of in-depth conversations with key international industry leaders, policymakers and academics, exploring the hottest topics across the energy market

High profile guests

Hosted by our experts, we invite high-profile guests to share their unique perspectives on major energy issues. A new episode is released every week, so stay tuned and enjoy the podcast on your favourite platform.


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Energy Unplugged has grown quickly into one of the top energy podcasts. We attract over 100k listeners, mainly energy sector people coming from across Europe and also from around the globe. We are delighted to receive positive feedback and lots of requests from the biggest energy players interested to join the show.

Partnering with us would offer a unique opportunity from a positioning and business development perspective.

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Latest Episode

In this episode, our Managing Director for Europe, Middle East & Africa, Manuel Koehler is joined by Horatio Evers, Managing Director, BASF Renewable Energy. BASF is the biggest chemical company in the world and in his current position, Horatio is responsible for the strategic direction and overall achievement of BASF’s Net Zero targets.

Horatio is passionate about collecting, refurbishing and driving old racing bikes and through this reduces his CO2 output.

Horatio and Manuel discuss:

  • BASF’s journey to decarbonisation and the company’s Net Zero targets
  • What kind of partnerships are important for BASF
  • The main changes that would need to happen at the policy level and why
  • The implications of the energy crisis in Europe on BASF from a renewables perspective

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