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A mix of in-depth conversations with key international industry leaders, policymakers and academics, exploring the hottest topics across the energy market

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Hosted by our experts, we invite high-profile guests to share their unique perspectives on major energy issues. A new episode is released every week, so stay tuned and enjoy the podcast on your favourite platform.

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This week on Energy Unplugged our Research Director Richard Howard is joined by Dr. Graham Cooley, CEO of ITM Power Plc to discuss one of the biggest players to emerge in new energy policies: green hydrogen.

Graham joined ITM Power 12 years ago, previous to which he worked with National Power, and spent 11 years in the power industry developing energy storage and generation technologies.

ITM Power is a leading manufacturer of hydrogen electrolysers. From early engagement on some of the UK’s earliest hydrogen mobility projects, it is currently working with the nationally significant HyDeploy energy trial – a crucial factor contributing towards the UK’s Net Zero targets.

Richard and Graham discuss:

  • Green hydrogen’s role on the road to attaining Net Zero
  • Typical buyers and business models for electrolysers
  • Government support requirement for reaching the 40 GW target


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Our next episode welcomes Greg Jackson – Founder and CEO of Octopus Energy. Stay tuned!

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