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A mix of in-depth conversations with key international industry leaders, policymakers and academics, exploring the hottest topics across the energy market

High profile guests
Hosted by our experts, we invite high-profile guests to share their unique perspectives on major energy issues. A new episode is released every week, so stay tuned and enjoy the podcast on your favourite platform.

Latest Episode

In this episode, Aurora’s Head of Commissioned Projects for Western Europe, Felix Chow-Kambitsch is joined by Mark Futyan, Anesco’s Chief Executive Officer.

Anesco is an energy services company specialising in solar PV, storage and energy efficiency, and playing a key role in the transition to Net Zero. With an impressive career within the energy industry, Mark joined Anesco in February 2020 from Centrica, where he most recently held the position of Distributed Power Systems Director.

Felix and Mark discuss:

  • Anesco’s role in the energy transition and potential areas of growth
  • UK’s commitment to Net Zero and how we can get there
  • Investment opportunities and potential of hydrogen


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Our next episode welcomes Ana Quelhas – Head of Corporate Energy Planning at EDP. Stay tuned!

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