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View our latest public report on the impact of cutting Russian gas supply to Europe. This report presents the key implications of two possible future scenarios for European gas markets where gas deliveries from Russia fall to zero.

The public report explores:

  • A timeline of key developments since the start of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine
  • The European Commission’s response to the war, updating their decarbonising strategy to reduce reliance on Russian gas
  • Scenario analysis of both an immediate halt and a managed phaseout of Russian gas

Key findings include:

  • A complete halt to Russian natural gas supply to Europe as soon as July 2022 would drive European gas prices 68% higher by this winter
  • In the Immediate Halt scenario, Germany loses around 47 bcm of gas supply from Russia in 2022
  • Bulgarian and Hungarian security of supply could be at risk if European imports from Russia were to stop completely

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