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“Long Duration Energy Storage in Spain” launch webinar

In this webinar, which took place on Monday 17 July,  we launch our study, “Long Duration Energy Storage in Spain”.

This study was prepared in collaboration with Breakthrough Energy while seeking feedback from MITECO, MINCOTUR, IDAE, Red Eléctrica, CNMC, LDES Innovators, and Peer-reviewers through workshops over the last few months.

This study includes the following:

  • Our analysis of the potential benefits that long-duration energy storage (LDES) can play in the power market, ensuring security of supply, enabling deployment of renewables, reducing emissions, and reducing costs to consumers
  • Our evaluation of the funding gap for thermal and electrical storage under a scenario considering deployment of LDES in industry and in the power sector
  • Our outlined policy, regulatory, and private sector intervention to ensure LDES successful deployment


Want to learn more? Read our “Long Duration Energy Storage in Spain” report!

If you have any questions, please get in touch with Enilio Alvarez.

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