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Long Duration Energy Storage in Spain

What is the impact of Long Duration Energy Storage (LDES) on the Spanish power system?  

View our public report, commissioned by Breakthrough Energy, to find out more.  

This report presents the key system-level effects of deploying LDES in the Spanish power and industry sector, explores the economic viability of various LDES technologies, and outlines policy, regulatory and private sector intervention to ensure LDES successful deployment.  

In our analysis, we compare a scenario without LDES aligned with ambitious EU policies for upcoming National Energy Climate Plan targets by 2030, against a scenario with LDES in industrial process heat and in the power system to draw conclusions on the impacts of LDES on the Spanish power system. 

Read the report for key findings such as: 

  • The deployment of LDES leads to total system savings of 1 Bn € between 2025 and 2060, compared with a scenario without LDES 
  • LDES absorbs electricity from renewable sources, practically eliminating economic curtailment by 2035 
  • LDES replaces thermal and hydrogen-fuelled power generation, achieving Net Zero 5 years earlier in the power sector than in a scenario without LDES 
  • By 2025, some thermal storage assets are already competitive with existing technologies like gas boilers, avoiding CO2 emissions in the industry 
  • Due to high upfront capital investment, LDES cannot rely on near-term price signals; trading in wholesale and balancing markets can make up some of the value but LDES derives a significant portion of their value by providing non-frequency auxiliary services which are not currently procured individually  
  • Although the value and long-term need for storage is recognised by policymakers setting a target of 22 GW of storage by 2030, current subsidies are not suited for emerging LDES technologies. 


Want to learn more? Watch the recording from our “Long Duration Energy Storage in Spain” launch webinar.

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