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Cycling in Tandem: The Economics of Battery Co-Location in Poland

The planned liberalisation of Poland’s balancing market has led to a boom in interest in new battery investments. A new amendment to the RES Act enabling cable pooling has been signed into law unlocking a range of new business models for renewables developers. However, despite the good prospects for renewable energy projects, especially those related to battery-solar co-location, it will increase the complexity of new investments. In addition to the day-ahead market, it will be necessary to understand the value of intraday, balancing and capacity markets and the allocation of co-located assets between them.

Access the report to gain valuable insights on the following topics and more:

  • What is the new regulatory environment around co-location?
  • How does a co-located asset dispatch and what revenue streams does it rely on?
  • How can adding a co-located battery to a solar project improve its business case and what is the optimal configuration?

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