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The Republic of Ireland National Hydrogen Strategy: Policy Note

The Department of the Environment, Climate and Communications, the Republic of Ireland, have released their highly anticipated hydrogen strategy. Now it has been published, what can we learn?

By 2050, hydrogen demand is expected to be between 19.8TWh and 74.6TWh per year. Initially produced from grid-connected electrolysers using curtailed power from renewables, after 2030, production will be scaled up using co-located electrolysers, with a 2GW offshore-wind-to-hydrogen target by 2030. Ireland’s National Hydrogen Strategy sets high-level priorities for the hydrogen economy but lacks clarity on specific measures.

Access this Policy Note for:

  • Qualitative analysis into the hydrogen strategy
  • Comparison with neighbouring regions’ strategies
  • Analysis on why the strategy does not provide enough policy support to kick-start the renewable hydrogen economy in Ireland

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