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Renewables Investment Cases in Alberta

Key takeaways from the session include the following:

  • The ITC and TIER offsets incentivize renewable development pre-2035. However, transmission constraints, curtailment potential and permitting challenges limit further expansion.
  • Differences in generation profiles, curtailment, and GWA prices across regions can significantly impact the financials of renewables projects, with the South and Central regions tending to be the most attractive overall.
  • Solar assets can capitalize on pool price increases, capturing more value in high price hours. Wind assets are less reliant on top prices, but have more limited upside due production profiles, curtailment and congestion risk.
  • TIER credits and ITCs amplify regional differences for both wind and solar assets over the coming decade.

If you have any questions or would like to learn more about our Alberta coverage, please contact Shawn Bishop.

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