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PPAs in the Netherlands: Developments in an Emerging PPA Market

PPAs (Power Purchase Agreements) are becoming an increasingly hot topic in the Dutch energy market. The Dutch PPA market is dominated by offshore wind, driven by the large volumes of merchant parks coming online in the next years. Due to the range of uncertainties caused by the expected phase-out of the Dutch SDE++ subsidy scheme, the liquidity of solar and onshore PPAs is growing rapidly. The PPA market is also driven from the demand side, with large corporate power consumers looking to offtake renewable production to meet their sustainability targets.

Access the report to discover:

  • What are the current dynamics of the Dutch PPA market?
  • What is the outlook on supply and demand for PPAs in the Netherlands?
  • What should determine the price of Dutch PPAs?
  • How does a PPA influence the financeability of renewable energy projects?

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