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We are pleased to present our latest GB wholesale power market summary report. This report combines the highlights from our previous GB system, wind and plant performance notes.

Highlights from our January 2020 report include:

  • With gas prices continuing to decline, the average monthly power price in January fell to £34.8/MWh, a £2.2/MWh decrease from December. Year-on-year power prices have now declined by 42%
  • Despite a lower gas price, sustained cold temperatures in January resulted in an increase in monthly coal generation of 0.5 TWh relative to December
  • With coal generation increasing between months, total emissions increased by 2%, from 4.6 MtCO2e to 4.8 MtCO2e since December
  • With stormy weather in January bringing strong winds, average load factors for wind assets rose by 6 percentage points, while capture prices fell by £2.2/MWh, or 6%

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