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The e-mobility revolution: impacts of EVs on the French power market

We are pleased to present our latest strategic insight report ‘The e-mobility revolution: impacts of EVs on the French power market’. In the report, we present our comprehensive outlook on electric vehicles and impacts on the French power market. Driven by the falling costs of batteries combined with significant policy support, the roll-out of electric vehicles is set to pick up rapidly. In this report, we take a close look at the evolution of key technologies and policies, identifying the underlying drivers of electric vehicles deployment and associated uncertainties affecting the French power market.

Key messages from this analysis are:

  • Despite having one of the lowest levels of emissions in EU, France is still some far from its Net Zero target. With the power sector already decarbonised through nuclear energy, further efforts will have to be focused on the transport sector
  • Along with strong policy support, an improvement in price, range and charging access will drive forth the growth in EVs. We forecast EV uptake to reach 14 million in units by 2035, adding 32TWh to annual demand
  • Similarly, the impact on wholesale prices will depend on the degree of smartness. A high uptake of inflexible EVs would increase baseload prices by 1€/MWh, while smart EVs could reduce prices by up to 4€/MWh
  • The overall subsidy costs needed to meet Aurora Central could be reduced by 0.7€ billion with High Smart EVs, as higher demand in the day improves solar capture prices. High Smart EVs would also lower transport and power emissions by 63% relative to today

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