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2023 Annual Update: Natural Gas Outlook for US Power Markets

While the US has become a largely self-sustaining energy juggernaut in recent years, it is not immune to the waves that have shaken global commodities markets since early 2022.

Natural gas prices play a key role in setting power prices in the US, and our gas outlook is a major input to the power forecasts we produce.

In this report, we will explore key factors driving US gas prices, provide our view on how recent shockwaves in gas markets have informed US power markets, and showcase our expectations for gas and power markets for the medium and long term, in light of revised assumptions.

The session will address the following:

  • Our expectations for gas infrastructure, pipeline gas and LNG flows, and other key supply sources
  • Our outlook for US and global energy use and supply
  • Drivers for US gas prices in the medium to long term
  • How gas prices and macroeconomic trends impact our long term outlook on power prices
  • The US regions that are most likely to be impacted by gas market changes

For more information and access to the full report, please get in touch with Francisco Ortega.

Download a redacted sample of the report below:

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