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The current pace of change in the energy sector is unprecedented. The energy transition—and the technological advances and policy interventions it has brought—have drastically increased complexity for decision makers in utilities, financial investors and other actors. Using our models and databases, we support decision in understanding and managing this complexity, and develop strategies that enable our clients to thrive in the new energy world.


New technologies create news business models: even ten years ago, battery storage was a niche topic pursued by enthusiasts; today, gigawatts of capacity are under development across the world. Similarly, intermittent renewables have decreased in costs much faster than their revenues were cannibalised by additional buildout.


The pace of change has created a need for utilities and investors to adapt: generation units can no longer be planned under the assumption that they will operate uninhibited for forty years—Germany’s coal exit will see power plants close after less than ten years of commercial operation.


Our Commissioned Projects team combines the skills of consultants trained at major strategy consultancies with the market-leading models and databases that form the basis of all work. We not only help our clients find the right answer to their questions or understand the resilience of their decisions using scenario analysis, but know how to communicate results in a concise and visually appealing manner.

Key references

Over the past years, we have:

  • Analysed the interplay of renewables and storage for the management board of a major European utility
  • Quantified localised coal demand for the board of a major coal mining company
  • Supported a major European utility in quantifying hydrogen business models in Germany
  • Assessed the value of flexibility for an independent generator with a portfolio of thermal generation assets in GB
  • Developed a range of future gas price scenarios for a North Sea producer reviewing their strategic focus
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