Group Meeting

TUESDAY 14 MAY 2024 | 11:00–1:00 PM ET

Load Growth in PJM: Data Centers, Electric Vehicles, and Heat Pumps

In this Group Meeting, we will dive into load growth in PJM, presenting analyses and opening debate on the following questions:

  • How well has PJM historically predicted load development, and what does its 2024 forecast imply for datacenter and capacity additions? ​​​​
  • What are the likely load growth scenarios in PJM, and what are their associated market impacts (on power prices, capacity builds, etc.)?
  • What are key drivers of load growth all over PJM (data centers, electric vehicles, heat pumps, etc.)?
  • What are factors that will influence data center growth? What are the local and RTO level impacts (on power prices, capacity builds, etc.)?
  • How will load flexibilization develop, and how will peak load (summer, winter) be impacted as a result?

If you would like to register for this session, please reach out to Jay DeCunzo.

Subscribers Only

This session is for GB Power Market and GB Renewables subscribers only.


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