Public Webinar

TUESDAY 14 MAY 2024 | 14:00–14:30 CEST


Energy security on the ballot? Decoding the impacts of the Mantelerlass on Switzerland’s power market

Join us as we provide essential context and details on the Swiss Mantelerlass, a major piece of legislation which aims to accelerate Switzerland’s buildout of renewables while ensuring security of supply for its power sector.

Gain a thorough understanding of the law and its impacts on the Swiss power market ahead of the popular vote scheduled for 9 June 2024.

In this webinar, we will discuss the following questions:

  • What are the current challenges facing the Swiss power system, and what lies ahead?
  • How does existing legislation fall short in meeting these challenges effectively?
  • What measures does the Mantelerlass propose to tackle these pressing issues?

Subscribers Only

This session is for GB Power Market and GB Renewables subscribers only.


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