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CHRONOS for Italy

Battery valuations perfected and tailored for the Italian market

Whether for financing, transactions, or due diligence, Chronos is the only bankable battery valuation software you’ll ever need.

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Site Scanning and Optimisation

Easily run hundreds of simulations to assess multiple sites, diverse geographies and business models, for standalone and co-located sites. For each site, maximise returns by optimising key parameters such as battery sizing, cycle target, business model, and more.

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Financing and Transaction Support

Generate rapid, site-specific, bankable results for use in transactions and financing processes, and benefit from the Valuation Review Services: our experts review and verify your results in order to generate bankable, reliance-ready reports.

Asset and Portfolio Evaluation

Regularly assess the impact of different market outlooks on the performance of your assets, based on Aurora’s latest bankable curves, and quantify the impact of your own bespoke market scenarios on your portfolio.

Now in Italy

Battery valuations perfected and tailored for Italy.

  • Model very large and complex energy storage assets easily
  • Update your entire portfolio with the latest market outlook in seconds
  • Cover battery overbuild market scenarios and assess the impact of cannibalisation

With Chronos you are supported

every step of the journey

1. New Subscribers

Extensive onboarding process, enabling you to launch your own valuations, navigate all the different features of the tool and integrate Chronos and its outputs into your systems.

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2. Ongoing Usage

Continual and comprehensive support to optimise your use of the tool, supplementary onboarding for new team members and users, training and workshops to accompany new feature releases.

3. Valuation Review

Proven, rapid, and cost-efficient support using Chronos in transactions and financing processes so you can get bankable results in data book format, plus an asset forecast report to share with investors. Plus additional support from Aurora‘s flexible energy market experts.

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