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CHRONOS for Iberia

Our leading battery analytics software is now
available for the Spanish and Portuguese markets

Unlock your battery site’s value in a few clicks

Iberia’s Energy Future: Battery Storage

The rapid growth of intermittent renewable energy in Iberia has increased cannibalisation, especially for Solar PV, with a 17% discount to baseload in 2023. Battery storage is expected to play a critical role in mitigating this risk and ensuring supply security amid thermal plant closures.

With ambitious targets of 22 GW of storage by 2030, significant capital deployment is needed despite CAPEX subsidies under the PERTE programme. Understanding and optimising revenue streams for batteries will be crucial for investment and financing decisions.

Stay ahead of the competition, and save time and budget with Chronos, our leading battery valuation software, for countless swift and efficient storage asset or project evaluations in Iberia!

Our Battery Dispatch Engine

Evaluate any battery or storage asset using our cutting-edge proprietary dispatch engine.

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Comprehensive Value Drivers

Benefit from the robust analysis of all key project and market value drivers, backed by our trusted forecasts and expert team.

Bankable Methodology

Trust our reliable and bankable methodology and power price curves with reliance available, ensuring credible analyses.

User-Driven Interface

Enjoy an intuitive interface that empowers user-driven analyses, allowing for evaluation of numerous opportunities or scenarios.

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Our expertise in flexible energy is widely trusted among industry leaders

for investment & business case analysis

for debt financing

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Chronos Use Case: Site Scanning & Optimisation

Easy Simulations

Easily run hundreds of simulations to assess multiple sites across diverse geographies and business models.

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Site Evaluation

Evaluate both standalone and co-located sites effectively.

Returns Maximisation

Maximise returns for each site by optimising key parameters such as battery sizing, cycle targets, and business models.

Comprehensive Analysis

Benefit from comprehensive analysis to improve site performance and profitability.

Now in Iberia

Top-priority Chronos enhancements ranked by our international community

  • Model large energy storage assets in Chronos, capturing complex market interactions
  • Easily create sensitivities & refresh your portfolio with the latest market outlook in clicks
  • Support battery overbuild scenarios and assess cannibalisation impacts

Chronos Use Case: Financing & Transaction Support

Rapid Results

Generate rapid, site-specific results with Chronos in just a few clicks.

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Successful Outcomes

Obtain bankable revenue forecasts for transactions and financing processes.

Valuation Review Support

Get your results reviewed and verified by our experts in order to generate bankable, reliance-ready results.

Customer Success is here to help

Trust our team of experts, always available to support you

  • Receive onboarding sessions tailored to your use case
  • Benefit from thematic deep dives and new feature trainings
  • Review your valuations with our Chronos experts
  • Join online and offline community events

Chronos Use Case: Asset & Portfolio Valuation

Market Outlook Assessment

Assess market outlook impacts on your asset and entire portfolio with our latest curves.

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Valuation Refresh

Regularly refresh your valuations for financial covenant testing.

Scenario Impact Quantification

Coming soon! Quantify the impact of your own bespoke market scenarios (e.g., battery overbuild) on your asset/portfolio.

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