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Unveiling the new

Our leading wind valuation software tool is now
available in Japan

Reveal the real value of your wind asset

The Japanese power market is undergoing significant change and reform, as the government seeks to deliver ambitious targets across the boards. The current electricity mix is pivoting from fossil fuels, which represent the majority of the generation mix, to renewables such as offshore wind.

The government has set the target for offshore wind at 30–45 GW by 2040, but with several government auction rounds already underway and the first fleet of offshore wind assets requiring government subsidies, competition is fierce to secure the most prized area.

This is where Amun, our leading wind valuation software, can help you gain the edge! Analyze an unlimited number of sites, technologies, and scenarios to remain ahead of your competition, gain almost instant access to data, save time and budget, and uncover the true value of your wind farm with Amun!

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Automated & Bespoke

Obtain site-specific capture prices and revenues with no need to commission work

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Instant Results

Get instant results in line with our trusted and bankable market scenarios

Unlimited Access

Analyze any number of sites, technologies, and scenarios under one license

Portfolio Opportunity

Quickly identify opportunities that best fit your portfolio and strategy

Leading industry players choose Amun for offshore wind projects

Amun Use Case: Bidding

Offshore Calibration

Working with offshore giants, we calibrate Amun in line with measured site data, coordinates, and energy yield assessments.

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Revenue Optimization

With Amun, our clients’ revenue upsides are delivered by smart choices of location and proprietary turbine technology.

Merchant Tail Assessment

Amun is used for the sophisticated assessment of merchant tails and the quantification of the impact of future revenue cannibilization.

Scenario Assessment

Our clients can assess their target assets against multiple Aurora Scenarios—trusted by 800+ industry leaders.

Now in Japan

Quantify the value of your wind project in minutes

  • Access an unlimited number of offshore wind valuations
  • Access both greenfield and operational assets
  • Benefit from the bank of Aurora data

Amun Use Case: Development

Turbine Impact Evaluation

Working with our clients’ technical advisors, we evaluate the impact different turbine options have on future revenue and losses.

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Financial Model Updates

Our clients are regularly updating their financial models with sophisticated and bankable asset specific revenue projections.

Dept Financing Support

We have supported Amun users to achieve superior debt financing by identifying hidden asset-specific value.

Project Valuation Refresh

Amun users are refreshing their project valuations regularly, in line with our trusted market forecast scenarios.

Gain an edge in the market

Level-up your business with Amun

  • Benefit from our Amun analysts’ support
  • Identify all additional value in your projects
  • Select proprietary turbine technology and quantify the upside​
  • Get your competetive advantage in offshore wind auctions

Amun Use Case: Asset Management

Portfolio Assessment

Amun portfolio folders allow speedy assessment of hypothetical additions and disposals.

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Asset Value Showcase

Our Amun experts have showcased the extra value in assets and helped our community understand how buyers value them.

Contract Valuation

Amun has ensured fair value of PPA contracts—minimising risk.

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