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Crucial intelligence to understand the changing dynamics of the Slovak energy market

In Slovakia, electrification is poised to ignite demand growth within a heavily industrialised economy. This shift not only paves the way for heightened electricity consumption but also carves out opportunities for fresh investments in renewable energy ventures. Slovakia stands at the brink of an electrifying evolution, beckoning investors to partake in shaping its sustainable
energy future.

What you need to know about the market

  • The Slovak State Aid scheme is set to provide approximately 0.5 bn € in investment support for renewables and battery energy storage systems (BESS) by 2030.
  • Slovakia’s compact size and robust interconnection make it highly susceptible to neighbouring market influences. Aurora's Europe-wide modelling approach allows our forecasts to capture the impact of developments in Czechia, Hungary, Poland, and further afield.
  • As Mochovce’s new units come online, Slovakia’s nuclear capacity surges to 3 GW. Slovakia is looking to focus on becoming a net exporter with its nuclear combining with its hydroelectric generation to become an energy power.

Which products are available?

  • Power & Renewables Service

    Robust, transparent​ analysis, widely used and trusted amongst major market participants​ and bankable forecasts to support asset financing and in-depth analysis to underpin your investment strategies​

  • Hydrogen Service

    Crucial analysis into market sizing and drivers, dedicated insights following policy developments and project activities across power, heat, transport, and industry

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We are forecasting the Czech power market

With the share of hard coal and lignite in electricity generation exceeding 40%, Czechia will face a fundamental transformation in the upcoming years. The government has committed to a coal exit by 2033, meaning extensive investment will be required to replace retiring capacity and ensure security of supply. At the same time, pressure to decarbonise the heavily emissive heating and industry sectors will lead to fast growth in power demand.

Keep on top of the market, poised to react to any changes and make most of opportunities with the Czech Power & Renewables Service.

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