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Crucial intelligence to understand the changing dynamics of the Polish energy market

The Polish energy market is undergoing a complete transformation, moving from hard coal and lignite to renewables. With the country expected to almost fully phase out coal and lignite in the next decade, there is huge demand for investment in new renewable and dispatchable energy sources. Make the most of new investment opportunities in this promising market with our Polish subscription services.

What you need to know about the market

  • Thanks to high prices and good support schemes, Poland has become one of Europe’s largest solar markets: installed capacity has reached 15 GW.
  • Aside from solar, an offshore wind Contracts for Difference (CfD) scheme will support up to 17 GW capacity, and locational restrictions on new onshore wind developments are expected to be eased.
  • Poland’s capacity market provides contracts for up to 17 years, clearing at high prices in recent years. Together with the liberalisation of the balancing market, this has led to a boom in investor interest in battery storage installations.

Which products are available?

  • Power & Renewables Service

    Robust, transparent​ analysis, widely used and trusted amongst major market participants​ and bankable forecasts to support asset financing and in-depth analysis to underpin your investment strategies​

  • Flexible Energy Service

    Detailed analysis and granular forecasts for power, balancing, and ancillary service markets plus access to investment case data for a wide range of battery storage and gas peaker business models

  • Hydrogen Service

    Crucial analysis into market sizing and drivers, dedicated insights following policy developments and project activities across power, heat, transport, and industry

  • Amun – Wind Valuation Software

    Bankable valuation software for wind assets with an optimised site design and technology to maximise revenue in just a few clicks

  • Origin – Power Market Model Software

    The most sophisticated market modelling software at your fingertips where you can generate your own market scenarios using our in-house power market model

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How does a subscription work?

Subscribe to our products for comprehensive market analytics powered by our fundamental market model: Gain access to credible, reliable, and bankable forecasts.
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Aurora is now in Czechia and Slovakia

Significant changes in Czech and Slovak power markets are opening up new opportunities for all market players. Slovakia’s significantly decarbonised system is facing growing power demand, while Czechia is expected to see the fast deployment of renewables due to the coal phase-out.

Keep on top of the market, poised to react to any changes and make most of opportunities with the Czech and Slovak Power & Renewables Services.

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