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Crucial intelligence to understand the changing dynamics of the Nordic energy market

The Nordic power landscape is undergoing a seismic shift, adapting to the skyrocketing growth rate of renewables. Large investments in renewables are on the horizon, amplifying the importance of understanding and managing market risk. Divergence of prices across electricity zones, increasing volatility, and interconnection with other EU markets further add to the complexity. Manage and mitigate risks and understand upcoming market developments with our Noridc power market services.

What you need to know about the market

  • As renewable costs decline and Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) markets mature, subsidy-free wind deployment is now a reality
  • Nordic renewable share of power consumption is five times the EU average. Project financiers are increasingly comfortable providing debt, creating a fertile ground for innovation.
  • The liquidity of PPAs in the Nordics is rapidly increasing; based on our PPA database, the total capacity of announced PPAs in the Nordics has grown tenfold from 290 MW in 2016 to 3 GW in 2022.

Which products are available?

  • Power & Renewables Service

    Robust, transparent​ analysis, widely used and trusted amongst major market participants​ and bankable forecasts to support asset financing and in-depth analysis to underpin your investment strategies​

  • Flexible Energy Service

    Detailed analysis and granular forecasts for power, balancing, and ancillary service markets plus access to investment case data for a wide range of battery storage and gas peaker business models

  • Hydrogen Service

    Crucial analysis into market sizing and drivers, dedicated insights following policy developments and project activities across power, heat, transport, and industry

  • Amun – Wind Valuation Software

    Bankable valuation software for wind assets with an optimised site design and technology to maximise revenue in just a few clicks

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