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Crucial intelligence to understand the changing dynamics of the Brazilian energy market

Brazil leads South America in the clean energy revolution with a power market dominated by hydro generation. However, reliance on hydro comes with challenges: It is notably sensitive to precipitation patterns and climate events which could lead to an increased dependence on thermal fossil-fuelled plants.

Nevertheless, significant renewables growth—mainly solar PV and wind—currently accounts for 30% of the overall installed capacity and is anticipated to lead the way in future capacity expansion. Capitalise on emerging opportunities with our services, keeping up-to-date with market trends and evolving policies.

What you need to know about the market

  • Brazil's power market is currently liberalising at high speed.
  • Hydro makes up 71% of power generation and is a key driver for power market prices.
  • The national hydrogen plan anticipates the production of 480 Mton/year of low-carbon hydrogen by 2030, destined to meet both domestic and international demand.

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  • Power & Renewables Service

    Robust, transparent​ analysis, widely used and trusted amongst major market participants​ and bankable forecasts to support asset financing and in-depth analysis to underpin your investment strategies​

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