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Crucial intelligence to understand the changing dynamics of the French power market


France is on the cusp of profound power market transformation. Energy mix diversification creates large renewables investment opportunities, and a growing need for system flexibility. As the mix changes, so does renewables assets’ revenue uncertainty.

Receding public subsidies and new technologies such as hydrogen make long-term revenues crucial to grasp, and different business models are quickly emerging as alternatives to CfDs.


The recession of subsidies and of nuclear capacities will make the French market more volatile, prices less certain, and potential future outcomes more divergent.

To model and predict those possible outcomes, we assist investors, developers, banks and aggregators with price scenarios and sensitivity analyses. We provide guidance to policymakers and strategy groups in large utilities to navigate the energy transition, as well as quantify and manage merchant risk.


Our French Power Market Service provides guidance to policymakers, business developers, investors, financiers and utilities to navigate the energy transition, supporting you to understand, quantify and manage merchant risk.

We provide forecasts of baseload and capture prices, and full transparency on our modelling to understand long-term directions of the French electricity market.

What’s included?

Quarterly forecast reports:

  • Wholesale market price forecast along 5 scenarios (Central, High, Low, Net Zero, Government PPE) to 2050
  • Market price volatility (price distributions, peak prices)
  • Renewables capture prices (onshore wind, offshore wind, and solar PV) at a national level, and for different sub-regions in France
  • Renewable capture price forecasts in P90/Low and P10/High scenarios
  • Forecasts of regional renewables load factors and regional distribution of renewables capacity
  • Capacity market price forecast
  • M0 price forecast
  • Capacity and generation mix and interconnector flows
  • All relevant input assumptions (coal, gas and CO2 prices)
  • Forecast data easily downloadable into Excel

Unparalleled strategic insights:

  • Regular subscriber group meetings in Paris, in an intimate roundtable format to discuss our industry-defining analysis under the Chatham House Rule
  • The opportunity to network with senior representatives from utilities, investors, banks and Government
  • Strategic insight reports with quantitative deep-dive analysis on highly topical issues to help guide your most important decisions
  • Regular policy update notes with quantifications of the implications to help you understand the impact on your projects

Interaction with our market experts:

  • Bilateral workshops with our experts to discuss our research and forecasts, and understand the impacts for your business
  • Ongoing access to market experts to address any questions across European power markets
  • Regular subscriber webinars to keep you updated with our latest forecasts, along with key changes in policy and the market
  • Discounted tickets for the unmissable Aurora Spring Forum, attended by senior executives from across Europe

Our subscriptions offer comprehensive market intelligence packages for energy participants. All subscribers get company-wide access to our EOS platform: the energy market’s hub for critical analytics.

Group Meeting

Tuesday 8 March, 2022
Subscriber-only event

Can batteries be profitable in France? Outlook for battery economics and key revenue streams

In this Group Meeting, we will address the following questions:

  • What revenue streams are available to battery storage in France?
  • How will European balancing markets evolve? What are the risks/opportunities for batteries in France?
  • How do battery storage returns vary with different durations and scenarios?
  • Which revenues can be stacked to optimise the value of those assets?

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