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What can Aurora do for you?

Hydrogen (H2) as an alternate green fuel is taking centre stage across many APAC countries. Developers are showing strong and continued interest across the value chain, as evinced in Aurora’s electrolyser database which shows more than 38 GW of electrolysers in the pipeline in APAC. The development of hydrogen is also well-supported by policymakers. APAC governments are providing substantial financial incentives to drive hydrogen investment with increasing movement, policy direction, and subsidies to support the development of low-carbon hydrogen (H2) value chain and its chemical derivatives.

H2 demand across APAC is forecast to grow exponentially over the next three decades, as countries gear up to meet their net-zero ambitions. Australia is projected to be a major exporter of H2, where total demand in 2050 is forecast to reach 5.5Mtpa, with ~70% of this demand stemming from exports. The key areas of growth will likely be in industry, heating, transport, and power generation.

Whilst promising, the development of a low-carbon H2 supply chain in the region continues to face technological and cost challenges, alongside a nascent understanding of the economics of key supply chain components.

We are at the forefront of modelling and forecasting the economics of H2, and offer an unparalleled and holistic approach that draws on our power market forecasting expertise. Our dedicated H2 team follows policy developments and project activities meticulously to keep our subscribers fully updated. We explore key policies, forecasted demands and supplies, production costs, and export considerations for selected APAC countries.

Our APAC Hydrogen Service offers a one-stop shop for all relevant policies, technologies, and economic assessments, as well as supply and demand analysis.

What is included in our APAC Hydrogen Market Service?

Forecast Reports & Data:

  • APAC Biannual Hydrogen Market Reports 
    • Summary of key policy developments in the APAC region
    • Insights on the development of Hydrogen in APAC including an update on pipeline of electrolyser projects through our electrolyser database
  • Investment Case Analysis
    • Hydrogen production economics based on our in-house power, gas, and carbon price forecasts 
    • Forecasted Hydrogen costs out to 2050 
    • Analysis done on multiple business models (islanded, co-located with on-site renewables, fully grid-connected) and individual states/regions within a country
  • Deep dives on Australia and Japan initially, with increasing content across APAC as we continue to expand our power market modelling capabilities through the region

Strategic Insights:

  • Strategic Insight Reports 
    • Regular insight reports on topical issues in the evolving hydrogen market covering country, policy, and technology deep dives 
  • Policy Updates 
    • Regular updates on hydrogen policies and incentives across power, heat, transport, and industry 
    • Thought leadership on required policies and incentives to grow the hydrogen sector 
  • Group Meetings 
    • Presentation of the latest market reports
  • Analyst Support 
    • Biannual workshops and support from our bank of analysts, including native speakers and regional experts 

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