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Our clients are global, therefore it is essential we deliver a world-wide view on the energy markets. We have developed the analytic capability to rapidly adapt our underlying energy models to new markets and regions.


The abundance of data in today’s energy markets makes it possible to gain valuable insights from quantitative analysis and modelling. Companies making long-term investment decisions require the confidence that can be gained from the best available forecasts.


The complex and rapidly changing markets are difficult to predict. The major transformations the energy sector is experiencing means past experience may not be the best guide for the future.


Using sophisticated, proprietary analytics, we develop detailed forecasts for global energy commodity markets and domestic power markets. Based on our market intelligence products, they are tailored to meet the specific analytic needs of our clients.

In addition, our team of quantitative modellers can also build entirely bespoke models and solutions if required. By taking a modular approach to the key elements of our central European energy dispatch models, we have created rapidly deployable, accurate tools that capture key insights from new regions.

This allows our consulting team to develop bespoke region-specific energy market scans and insights within 4-6 weeks. In addition, we can develop granular views on future energy mix (and subsequently ‘technology winners’), region-specific cost curves, future demand, and the impact of local energy and environmental policy.

Key references

Over the past years, we have:

  • Developed bespoke scenarios to assess energy commodity price shifts under a range of macro scenarios for an oil and gas major
  • Built a custom-made model of China’s energy system for an oil and gas major to forecast the potential of electric vehicles and hydrogen
  • Developed a custom-made general equilibrium model for a fuel market participant that forecasts market participant behaviour in an oligopolistic industry and produced production growth, participant revenues and spot market price
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