Group Meeting

TUESDAY 20 FEBRUARY 2024 | 11:00–1:00 PM CT

The Role of Thermal Technologies in ERCOT

This session will explore the policy surrounding and economics of thermal generation in ERCOT, including:

  • System reliability—To what extent is new thermal needed to maintain system stability based on expected retirements and load growth?
  • Investment case—What are the investment cases for existing and new build gas peakers and CCGTs?
  • Policy impact—How will the Texas Energy Fund (Proposition 7) and Dispatchable Reliability Reserve Service (DRRS) impact the investment thesis for thermal assets?
  • Energy transition—Can gas CCGT-CCS be an economically viable solution in ERCOT?

If you would like to register for this session, please reach out to Danielle Startsev.

Subscribers Only

This session is for GB Power Market and GB Renewables subscribers only.


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