Public Invitation

Thursday 8 July, 2021
2pm – 3:30pm CEST (1pm – 2:30pm BST)


Shades of green (hydrogen): optimising electrolyser business models

This month, subscribers of our European Hydrogen Market Service will receive our latest report, presenting our analysis on electrolyser business models. We invite you to hear about the main findings of this report in our upcoming webinar.

The webinar focusses on finding the lowest cost of producing hydrogen from electrolysers. The business models we will investigate are grid connected stand-alone electrolysers and co-located electrolysers with dedicated renewable asset with and without grid connection.

The webinar will address the following questions:

  • How does the levelised cost of hydrogen of an “inflexibly”-operating electrolyser connected to the power grid develop until 2050? What is the corresponding carbon emission, which countries can produce low carbon hydrogen? We look at 14power markets in Europe
  • How much does the levelised cost of hydrogen decrease if the electrolyser responds to the low price signals? We call this “flexible” operation
  • What is the optimal size of an electrolyser with respect to the renewable asset when co-located together? We call this “flexible” operation and examine co-location in Great Britain, Germany and Spain
  • Does a renewables co-located electrolyser purchase electricity from the grid to increase its load factor? We look at electrolyser behaviour when it has the choice to consume power from the renewable plant or from the grid


To join the session, please:

1. Register using a company email address
2. Accept the emailed calendar invitation, containing the registration details
3. On the day, click the link in the invitation to join the webinar, using your unique registration ID and the password