Public Invitation

Wednesday 1 December, 2021
1pm CET / 12 noon GMT


PPAs in the Greek energy transition: Overrated or underrated?

The gas price crisis has brought about extreme changes in power prices across Europe with Greece having the highest monthly average prices in Europe in August 2021. The economics of gas plants have shifted drastically but the energy transition does not seem threatened. Instead, the economics of renewables look better than ever for the short term. At the same time, medium and large industrial consumers are in a much tougher position and the possibility of long-term PPAs becomes a common thought.

With renewables auctions getting increasingly competitive, developers and investors explore the potential of PPAs as the next gear of growth in the Greek renewables market. Subsidised projects alone are far from sufficient to reach Greece’s 2030 NECP targets. Consequently, merchant projects with PPAs could play a decisive role in unlocking the country’s renewables potential.

Join our webinar on December 1st at 13:00 CET where Aurora’s South Eastern Europe team will discuss the following topics for the Greek power market:

  • Overview of policy and upcoming frameworks
    • Current design of the Greek market
    • Upcoming frameworks
      • Market reform plan
      • Storage framework
      • PPA support scheme
  • Key market drivers
    • Demand and electrification
    • Interconnection with neighbouring countries
    • Lignite exit
    • Commodity price developments
  • Renewables outlook
    • Capacity development
    • Share of merchant and subsidised projects
    • Capture prices and impact of cannibalisation
  • The potential and risks for PPAs
    • PPA supply and demand in Greece
    • PPA valuation and deep dive into risks

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