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Thursday 20 April 2023, 14:00 BST

Hydrogen Market Attractiveness Report—April

Our biannual Hydrogen Market Attractiveness Report, ‘HyMAR’, ranks the major European countries by their investment attractiveness. This is based on the most recent data and information on hydrogen policies, technology development, project economics, hydrogen demand outlook, and supply and infrastructure plans. In this report, we will also include a deep-dive on hydrogen price forecasts for each country in Europe, as a follow-up to our February 2023 Group Meeting on this topic.

Along with the HyMAR report and accompanying data file, we will release the latest version of our global electrolyser database. The database will show updated details for all projects and new additions since October 2022.

This webinar will answer the following questions:

Which countries in Europe are the most attractive to invest in for low-carbon hydrogen?
How have countries’ rankings changed in the last six months and why?
What is the latest news in the hydrogen space? What are the updates in hydrogen policy, subsidies, and regulations across the value chain?
Several countries have announced or launched hydrogen auctions: Where are they now?
How much has the global electrolyser project pipeline grown? Where are the largest projects located?
How will hydrogen prices evolve in each country? How will fundamentals such as the production mix, demand, and imports develop in each country?

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