Public Webinar

FRIDAY 20 OCTOBER 2023 | 11:00–11:45 CEST


European Guarantees of Origin—A Market in Transformation

Join us to learn about our Pan-European Research team’s insights into the driving forces behind the transformative changes in the European GoO (Guarantees of Origin) market. We will explore record-high prices and significant policy shifts. These include the EU’s Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive, rules for green power procurement for hydrogen, and the shift towards more granular matching.

During this webinar, you will:

  • Gain insights into the current European GoO trading system.
  • Analyse the historical price developments of European GoOs.
  • Explore key regulatory changes that are poised to influence future demand and market design.
  • Get a comprehensive understanding of the scope of our upcoming study – that you can be a part of!


Don’t miss out on this opportunity to stay informed and engaged in the evolving landscape of European GoOs.


Subscribers Only

This session is for GB Power Market and GB Renewables subscribers only.


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