Subscriber Webinar

THURSDAY 04 JULY 2024 | 13:00–13:45 AEST

Electrification in the NEM: A recap of Aurora’s Q2 NEM Group Meeting

Just last month, we hosted our Group Meetings in both Melbourne and Sydney. These events covered topics such as:

  • The major trends that will shape electricity demand over coming decades
  • The role of industrial electrification, data centres, and hydrogen electrolysers
  • The impact of consumer energy resources, including rooftop solar, batteries, electric vehicles, and gas-to-electric switching in the home


This webinar will focus on summarising the key findings and provide an opportunity for Subscribers who were not able to attend the in-person Group Meetings to hear about our latest analysis.

If you wish to attend, please reach out to Piers Beasley or Rohan Bakshi.

Subscribers Only

This session is for GB Power Market and GB Renewables subscribers only.


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