Public Invitation

Tuesday 16 February, 2021
3pm GMT (4pm CET)

Corporate PPAs in Europe

Corporate Power Purchase Agreements (PPAs) are an increasingly popular way for renewable energy developers to secure long term revenues, and for companies to decarbonise their power supply and reduce costs.

However, the market for PPAs is still at an early stage of development and is often opaque. It can be difficult for participants to tell whether the prices and terms they are being offered are as good as possible.

The rapid pace of change in energy markets and policy can make planning a PPA strategy difficult, with a variety of sometimes-unfamiliar risks to account for.

In this public webinar held in conjunction with LevelTen Energy, we will bring clarity on the current state of the PPA market and the latest price trends in key countries across Europe, and set out our expectations for the trends that will shape the balance of supply and demand over the next decade.

Our analysis will draw on data gathered through LevelTen’s work as a leading platform for finding and analysing PPA opportunities, as well as our widely used and trusted forecasts of European power markets.

We’ll discuss:

  • Recent PPA price trends from a buyer’s perspective
  • The state of development of PPA markets across Europe
  • Future deployment of renewables and how this will affect the balance of PPA supply and demand

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