Public Invitation

Wednesday 3 March, 2021
9am GMT (10am CET)


Economics of batteries in Iberia

In this public webinar we will present the highlights of our subscriber report on the role batteries will play in Iberia.

Solar has been booming in the Iberian peninsula; the grid code is being reformed to ease grid connection for standalone assets and colocation; Government is setting targets for the buildout of storage; legacy thermal assets will progressively retire providing an incremental opening for batteries; the plans for a capacity market are expected to soon materialise. Taken together, these variables represent a clear opportunity for batteries to be profitable in Iberia within the 2020s. Last month, subscribers of our Iberia Power Market Service received a 40+ page report on The Economics of Batteries in Iberia, detailing the assumptions, methodology and results of our analysis.

Given the strong interest we have received in the topic, we are hosting a public webinar on 3 March to present some of the highlights of our research and analysis:

  • Recent changes to the battery regulatory framework
  • Revenue opportunities for batteries in Iberia, including our outlook for tertiary and replacement reserves (together, the “balancing market”)
  • Incremental revenues available for batteries, by trading across the wholesale and balancing market
  • IRRs for different battery configurations and under different business models



Subscribers Only

This session is for GB Power Market and GB Renewables subscribers only.


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