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Spring Forum 2021 Presentations

Thanks to all those who joined us on Wednesday 29 September, meeting in person once again was truly great.

If you’d like to revisit any of our insights, here are the slide decks from the panels with presentations:

  • Ana Barillas’ keynote address: Decarbonising Europe and the changing renewables investment landscape View
  • Manuel Koehler’s keynote address: Does Net Zero emissions imply zero wholesale power prices? View
  • Breakout session: Hydrogen’s role in driving Europe’s green recovery View
  • Breakout session: Does onshore wind have a public acceptance problem in Europe and if so, how do we fix it? View
  • Breakout session: What will decarbonising home heating mean for Great Britain’s energy markets? View
  • Breakout session: Market design to enable the Net Zero transition View