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Don’t miss the unique chance to join our Early Adopter Programme for PPA Software
and benefit from exclusive access to our Reference PPA prices

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We are excited to announce the launch of our Early Adopter Programme for PPA Software!

Our Early Adopter Programme offers you a unique opportunity to be at the forefront of PPA valuations and market insights. By joining, you will gain access to PPA valuations across a range of common contract configurations, all grounded in our trusted pricing methodology. Our data, meticulously curated by the Research teams, is updated monthly to ensure you have the most accurate and current insights.


Sign up today and be among the first to experience the full potential of our cutting-edge solutions.

PPA Valuations

Gain comprehensive insights into a set of PPA valuations across common contract configurations.

Monthly Updates

Benefit from data that is meticulously curated and updated monthly by our local Research teams.

EOS Platform Access

Enjoy the convenience of accessing all this information through our user-friendly platform EOS.

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What is the advantage of early sign-up?

Gain early access to the prices, provide feedback and influence the final product

Early Access to Our PPA Prices

Be among the privileged few to access our technology specific PPA Reference Prices first.

Exclusive Monthly Engagement

Enjoy the unique opportunity to engage with our Product Team in dedicated monthly sessions.

Shape Our Roadmap

Influence our PPA software development by aligning the roadmap with your specific needs.

Uncover Our Methodology

Gain deep insights into our proprietary PPA pricing methodology.
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Join our Early Adopter Programme and be the first to benefit from our new solutions

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Contact our team to learn more about the programme and our PPA software tool!

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Kirthana Teegala

Commercial Associate—PPA Software