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Aurora’s Chronos poised to revolutionise battery valuations in Italy

By March 12, 2024April 5th, 2024Media, Feeds, Italy
  • Aurora Energy Research has unveiled Chronos, its bankable battery valuation software, in Italy.
  • Following Chronos’ successful deployment in Great Britain, this is the software’s second international release.
  • Anticipating further growth, Aurora Energy Research plans to introduce Chronos to Australia and Iberia in the near future.


ROME (AURORA ENERGY RESEARCH)—Aurora Energy Research is excited to announce the official launch of Chronos, its bankable battery valuation software, in Italy. Following its successful debut in Great Britain just three months ago, Chronos is now poised to revolutionise battery valuations in Italy, with plans to expand to Australia and Iberia in the near future.

With the escalating demand for clean energy and efficient storage solutions, Chronos emerges as a game-changer in power markets worldwide. This innovative software empowers investors, developers, and utilities with advanced tools and insights to navigate the complexities of energy storage strategies and make informed decisions with ease.

Developers seeking optimal locations, sizings, trading strategies, and co-location feasibility for battery storage assets can now access comprehensive support in record time. Traditionally, such support required weeks of bespoke analysis, yielding only a singular result for one asset configuration.

Chronos fast tracks this process with a bankable software solution, putting control into the hands of its users, who can now run hundreds of valuations, saving both time and resources. Reliance-ready results mean that clients are able use them for due diligence, transactions, and debt financing straight out of the box.

Matteo Coriglioni, Head of Italy at Aurora Energy Research, commented:

“Italy is among the most active markets in Europe at the moment for battery storage developers, and we are also seeing a rapidly growing secondary market for portfolio transactions. Given the several business models for batteries available and the many complex choices to make in order to optimise the value of the assets, we see the release of Chronos in Italy as a key part of Aurora’s goal to help empower smarter decision-making in the face of increasing uncertainties.”

Aurora Energy Research remains committed to driving innovation and sustainability in the energy sector, with Chronos serving as a catalyst for transformation in Italy and beyond.

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Zina Fragkiadaki, Press Officer


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