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European Offshore Wind Markets Attractiveness Report

By June 7, 2023September 22nd, 2023Public, Market Reports, Europe, Renewable Energy, Reports
Offshore Wind Markets Attractiveness Report cover

Powered by Aurora’s site-specific valuation tool, Amun, and covering 21 markets, the European Offshore Wind Markets Attractiveness Report is designed to support your entry into new markets, helping you formulate and implement your strategy effectively. Backed by our leading in-house modelling, sophisticated software suite, and in-depth country knowledge, this report identifies and answers the important questions*, enabling you to formulate a successful approach to the offshore wind market.

Fuelled by decarbonisation ambitions, the offshore wind market is facing a significant growth trajectory in the coming years. Installed capacity of offshore wind in Europe is projected to grow by more than 3x, reaching 114 GW by 2030, and creating investment opportunities amassing to 197 billion €. Purchase the European Offshore Wind Markets Attractiveness Report now to discover why the top 3 most attractive markets include Great Britain, Germany, and the Netherlands!


Comprising analysis at the individual market level, this report allows for quick and simple benchmarking across markets. The report is comprehensively broken down into the following sections:

    • Renewables Market Drivers​
    • Market Size, Composition and Outlook—Including the potential for floating offshore wind across Europe
    • Policy & Regulatory Environment​
    • Financial Variable Inputs ​
    • Government Support Auction Forecasts​
    • Project Economics​


Unlike other offshore wind products available in the market, this report provides you with a project database covering over 600 projects in Europe, all in one place, in a downloadable Excel Databook. The project database includes in-the-pipeline projects, with levelised cost of energy (LCOEs) for benchmarking, merchant IRRs, and subsidised minimum economic bids, providing the information you need to see where your project fits against the stack and identify the clearing prices to make your bid competitive. The database includes NPV estimates for information on investing in existing projects, and to see how project value changes over time.

The report includes approximately 100 content slides of data, charts, and analysis; an Excel Databook with a breakdown of the market scoring; and a project database. The report’s comprehensive ranking system uses 8 metrics—offshore wind deployment to 2023, buildout in recent years, projected build out, local policy, and more—to identify the most lucrative investment opportunities.


    1. Review key market metrics to support your market entry and prioritise decisions.
    2. Get an up-to-date overview of the latest and anticipated policy changes across European markets.
    3. Build your own bid stacks for upcoming auctions, using our site-specific minimum bid forecasts.
    4. Benchmark asset-specific IRRs and NPVs to support active transactions.



This report provides you with answers to the key questions you need to ask when entering the European offshore wind market or when looking to move into new markets:

    1. What is the long-term offshore wind growth potential, and where is this backed up by governmental targets and support?​
    2. How centralised is the development process, and what do upcoming tenders look like?​
    3. What contractable revenue streams are available, and what risks stay with the developer and investor?​
    4. What are the expected IRR ranges, and how do they develop over different COD years?​
    5. In which markets and at which development stages is the largest value created, and what market entry options exist?



We are offering a free time-limited trial of the Amun European Explorer Pack with your purchase of the European Offshore Wind Markets Attractiveness Report, providing you with crucial market information on the European market and enabling you to make the most of the opportunities identified in this report. Simply plug in your site-specific data and see the forecasted returns to discover precisely where your next project should be.

Complete the form to access a redacted sample of the report, and we will follow up with you about the full report.