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European Battery Markets Attractiveness Report 2nd Edition

Which European markets are attractive for investment in grid-scale batteries?

Europe is an immensely promising region for investment in grid-scale batteries, with the capacity expected to grow at least 7 times by 2030, driven by ambitious decarbonisation targets and projected exponential growth in renewables. Make the most of this booming market with the 2nd edition of the European Battery Markets Attractiveness Report. This highly anticipated report provides insights on investment trends, policy environments, value drivers, and project economics, helping you conduct initial market scanning to identify the most attractive European markets.

The 2nd edition of the report examines several changes that have occurred in the European battery market since the first publication in July 2022. We have further extended the scope of our analysis by including six new European countries, business cases for two additional countries, updated Battery Energy Storage Systems (BESS) cost projections, as well as analysis of recent EU market reforms.

The report is divided into 8 sections and includes approximately 90 slides of data, charts, and analysis; an Excel Databook with a breakdown of the market scoring; and a guide on how to use the report. The report’s comprehensive ranking system, which uses 13 metrics, creates compound scores to indicate the attractiveness of each market for investment.

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