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What Does Political Uncertainty in 2021 Spell for Power and Renewables in Germany? Potential Impacts of the Upcoming Federal Election

We recently ran a public webinar on the potential impacts of the upcoming German election on power and renewables.

While the updated Climate Protection Act came into effect on 31 August, it is unclear how the sharpened emission targets shall be met as no measures have been put into law yet. Moreover, the major parties’ manifestos for the upcoming federal elections on 26 September differ on how these emission targets should be reached. However, it is clear that reaching the target would have far reaching implications: besides a much faster build-out of renewables, a near complete coal exit by 2030 and the speedy introduction of low-carbon dispatchable technologies would be necessary.

In view of these developments, we analyse the effect that the federal elections might have. Among others, we discuss:

  • How likely is it that the next government will confirm the targets of the Climate Protection Act and underpin them with concrete measures – and how does this depend on the election outcome?
  • What renewables buildout would be required to meet the new emission targets, and what would that mean for the business opportunity of renewables developers?
  • What are the conditions to a faster coal exit, and what would be its implications on the power system?

Watch our webinar recording to hear our findings.

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