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Western Balkans Policy Overview 2024

The energy transition is rapidly advancing across Europe, and the Western Balkan power markets are no exception. Although these markets lag behind their more developed counterparts in Southeastern Europe, significant progress is evident in Albania, Montenegro, Kosovo, North Macedonia, and Bosnia.

Major investments are underway, accelerating the region’s energy transformation. We are closely monitoring these developments in the Western Balkan power markets, focusing on key policy developments and opportunities in the region.

Access the public report to gain valuable insights :

  • Market Liberalization: Are the markets truly free?
  • Current Status: What is the current snapshot of the Western Balkan power market?
  • Decarbonisation: What national targets exist and what progress has been made?
  • Policy Support Schemes: What are the existing frameworks?

If you have any questions, please contact our Commercial Associate for Southeastern Europe, Maria Valetta:

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