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“THG Quoten” & electrolyser profitability in Germany—more than hot air?

The German GHG quota market was created to reduce CO2 emissions in the transport sector by issuing tradable GHG reduction certificates for alternative fuels. To incentivise electrolyser build-out, the German government allowed hydrogen used in refineries to receive these certificates. Due to the expected scarcity in the GHG quota market and the huge off-take potential in refineries, this market could provide an attractive business-case for electrolyser projects in the coming years.

The following key questions were explored during this webinar:

  • What is the GHG quota market and how can hydrogen participate?
  • How do we approach forecasting this market?
  • What are the expected market dynamics until 2030, and what does this mean for electrolyser profitability?

View this webinar recording, which took place on Thursday 17 May 2023, by following the button below:

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