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The Role of Green Hydrogen in Ireland

Ireland has the potential to produce some of the cheapest green hydrogen in Europe, which is expected to play a critical role in decarbonising Ireland’s economy. Green hydrogen offers the potential to provide reliable power whilst absorbing excess renewable generation and reducing curtailment.

Due to its growing benefits along with the release of Ireland’s hydrogen strategy in 2023, green hydrogen is set to become a key feature of the Irish power market. Such growth is presenting opportunities for developers and key issues for policy makers to consider.

In light of these developments, we have explored the economics of green hydrogen business models and analysed the policies and regulations needed to bring green hydrogen to market in the I-SEM.

Access our latest report based on this analysis which discusses the following key questions:

  • How is ‘green’ hydrogen defined?
  • What is the current hydrogen policy in both Europe and the I-SEM, and how does it need to evolve?
  • Which are the main business models for hydrogen electrolysers to deliver the cheapest green hydrogen in Ireland
  • What are the economics of the proposed production of green hydrogen from offshore wind?
  • How does green hydrogen production counter high levels of curtailment? How could local electrolysis affect project returns?

Read our press release on the role of green hydrogen in the Irish power market here.

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