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The Nuclear Option: Dutch Energy Security After the Russian Gas Crisis

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After Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, the Dutch energy market, like other European markets, has dealt with high gas and electricity prices throughout most of 2022. Despite the drop in the prices following a series of measures, the Netherlands still faces some challenges, including rising capital costs, supply chain disruptions and rising interest rates. The energy crisis has also sparked discussions on power market design, with the European Commission proposing reforms at the EU level to reduce consumers’ exposure to market volatility. At the national level, the Dutch government’s nuclear energy ambitions could limit further renewable build-out and suppress future power prices.

Access the report to uncover answer to the following questions:

  • What are the key future trends for power prices, gas prices, and renewable build-out in the Dutch power market?
  • How would the government’s ambition of ~3 GW of nuclear capacity by 2035 impact renewables
  • What are likely changes to the market design in the EU, and how will they impact the system?

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