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The Economics of Green Hydrogen in Iberia

Hydrogen is expected to play a key role in the decarbonisation efforts of the Iberian peninsula. There are three key reasons for this: i) the vast potential for renewable energy in Iberia will lead to lower green hydrogen production costs than in other European regions; ii) policy efforts seem to be focused on green hydrogen vs. other low carbon alternatives (e.g. nuclear, or CCS); and iii) the proposed hydrogen targets are highly ambitious, creating valuable opportunities for the industry.

In this recording of our recent public webinar we present a few of the key findings made in our recent strategic insight report for subscribers – ‘The Economics of Green Hydrogen in Iberia’ – and answer the following questions:

  • What is the role for hydrogen in Iberia? What is the current status of the electrolyser pipeline?
  • Which are the main business models for hydrogen electrolyser investments in the next decade? What business model can deliver the lowest cost of hydrogen in Iberia?
  • How competitive will green hydrogen be when compared with blue hydrogen or grey hydrogen?
  • What are the key considerations and implications for policy makers?

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