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Romania – On the Brink of the Second Wave of Large-Scale Renewables Development

The Romanian power market is currently entering a new phase of development. The 2032 coal exit signals the government’s long term decarbonisation ambitions, with the new CfD scheme currently under development solidifying this position. In the meantime, the last sector of the power market (households) is now becoming liberalised, as the Romanian market aligns more with the EU model. All of these developments are expected to bring along major investments in the power market as a whole but particularly in renewables.

Our South Eastern Europe team recently held a webinar to discuss the following topics regarding the Romanian power market:

  • Key market characteristics
    • Current capacity and generation mix
    • Market design
    • Recent transactions/developments in the renewables space
  • The 2032 coal exit
    • What does the national recovery and resilience plan entail?
    • What plants would be affected, hard coal or lignite?
    • The importance of the coal exit as a signal for the market
  • The potential CfD scheme in Romania
    • All we know about the scheme so far
    • How much capacity could be brought online?
  • Renewables outlook heading to 2030
    • Subsidy free capacity deployment
    • The potential for corporate PPAs

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