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Renewables investments in the Netherlands: how will prices of guarantees of origin and imbalance costs develop? – October 2020

Wind turbines - Aurora Energy Research

We are pleased to present our new strategic insight report.

Subsidies for Dutch solar photovoltaics and onshore wind are about to undergo a comprehensive overhaul in the form of the new SDE++ framework. While Dutch offshore wind developers have competed in zero-bid auctions since 2017, cannibalisation and the possibility of joint tenders with electrolysers are reshaping the offshore business case.

In the face of a precarious business case with merchant-risk exposure, a good understanding of the GOO price and the imbalance cost can make all the difference.

Our strategic insight report answers often-asked questions about the development of these markets.

  • It provides a detailed and thorough analysis of the demand for Dutch (‘orange’) GOOs
  • Based on our in-house power market forecast, it predicts the future GOO supply by technology
  • Using willingness-to-pay curves, it reveals the future of the premium for Dutch GOOs, both in the short term (in light of the COVID-19 pandemic) and in the long term: until 2040
  • It gives an easy-to-grasp overview of the complicated regulatory framework that is the Dutch imbalance market
  • It contains forecasts of intraday as well as imbalance prices, including full transparency on the methodology behind the analysis

Finally, it provides a translation of the intraday and imbalance prices to the imbalance costs faced by renewables developers.

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